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Do you believe in the power of nature? We are a freshly started Café/Gastro/event location with growing potential on the mission to create awesome customer experience around delicious plant based nutritional quality food, good drinks and cozy music. We are fans of supportive and efficient work environments and about to form a team based on trust, care and participation. Currently we are searching for support in the kitchen and in service. German language is needed only in service. Expertise is welcome but not essential. Do you want to jump on board and be part of our exiting journey – get in contact.

We are searching for:

– kitchen assistants / cooks

– service / bar staff (German language needed)

What should you bring:

Motivation and the will to learn and grow. A solution orientated, respectful mindset. Honesty, humbleness and the ability to accept feedbacks. Interest in healty plant based / vegan / veggie food is welcome. Experience is as well welcome but not essential. Workhours on afternoons, evenings and weekends should be ok for you.



Wir bieten:
What we offer:

A respectful and good work environment, the chance to grow with us and bonus options if the business develops well.

This is a rare chance to jump on board early in an exciting developing project and if it suits, to become part of the core team.

Wir bieten eine Unterkunft an: A room may can be offered temporarily.
Beginn der Beschäftigung: The job offer is valid immediately – starting day is as soon as possible.

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